If you would like to see more about general dental diseases, damage and abnormalities than you find here, with references to the literature, you may explore the CDC site.

This section covers many of the things that can go wrong with the teeth and mouth, and there are plenty! Not many will kill you, but the amount of discomfort summed over a lifetime can produce a prodigious total.

We’ll look at everything from simple decay to disorders that can exact a considerable toll on the personality. It is also important to consider effects in the mouth that are produced by and show evidence of systemic disorders such as AIDS, and drugs (prescription or otherwise).

Later we will discuss (Section IV) how we collect information from your mouth that relate to particular problems – so that appropriate treatments may be decided. And then we will look at the various treatment possibilities, for each malady.

Organization of this Section

Chapter III.1 – Infection: Decay

Chapter III.2 – Infection: Gum Disease

Chapter III.3 – Infection – into the Pulp

Chapter III.4 – Grinding Teeth

Chapter III.5 – Toothbrush Abrasion or Abfractions?

Chapter III.6 – TMJ Disorders and Orofacial Pain

Chapter III.7 – Crooked Teeth

Chapter III.8 – Esthetic Deviations

Chapter III.9 – Missing Teeth

Chapter III.10 – Lesions of the Bone and Soft Tissues